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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zoo Unit

This week we started our two week unit on zoo animals!  The students are having a blast learning about zoo animals in preparation for our field trip to the zoo next Friday.  
We started off the week learning about Giraffes.  
For each animal we have a whole group lesson with a close reading passage.  Students have a response sheet for each zoo animal.
My kiddos LOVED making their adorable giraffe craft.  You can find this adorable craft

A group of my students hard at work sorting animals to their animal covering.  Then they are writing a complete sentence describing what each animals covering is.

One of my students working hard matching the phrase to the correct picture.  Then he's writing a complete sentence to describe the picture.

You can check out this Zoo Unit by clicking the image below. This unit includes 20 Math and Literacy Stations, Writing activities, and Nonfiction Passages for 16 Zoo Animals.
 If you interested in only the Zoo Passages those are offered separately in my TPT store.

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