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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Going to the Zoo!

I just adore this time of year!  My favorite unit to teach is in the Spring, which is Zoo animals, so I can not wait to begin this unit in a couple weeks.  We will be spending two weeks on this unit.  

We will be reading nonfiction text on Zoo animals. The students will find each animals diet, habitat, babies, and interesting facts in the text and record their answers.  
Each student will be given their own animal to research and find information on.
Each animal has a nonfiction passage and recording sheet.  Our students are going to travel the world as we learn about each animal.  The students will paste the picture of the animal where it lives on the world map.  We will also discuss the animal covering of each animal.
These Writing activities have really helped organize our classroom writing station. The writing activities includes:
- Around the Room
- Rainbow Writing
- ABC Order
- Read It, Write It, Stamp It
- Word Scramble
- Acrostic Poems
- List
- Postcard
- Recipe
- Card
- Letter Stationary
- Writing Stationary
There are 9 Literacy stations included for the following concepts:
- Long/Short Vowel
- Asking or Telling Sentences
- Synonyms
- Syllables
- Adjectives with Animal Coverings
- Possessive Nouns
- Digraphs
- Rhyming
- Animal Math Ups
There are 11 Math stations included for the following concepts:
- 2-D Shapes
- 3-D Shapes
- Nonstandard Measurement
- True or False?
- Skip Counting
- Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour
- Place Value
- 1 less, 1 more, 10 less, and 10 more
- Fact Family
- Graphing
- Greater Than/ Less Than

*If you are interested in my zoo unit I have it available on TPT.  You can check it out by clicking on any of the pictures above.   
The nonfiction passages are available separate in my store. You can check them out by clicking here.


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