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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wild West Unit

Hi y'all! This week we worked on my Wild West Unit.  Every year the SRO officers host a Rodeo event for the special needs students in our county.  We had so much fun learning about all things cowboys and the Rodeo for the past week!

Here are my favorite Read Aloud's for the unit.
We started the week with a text evidence passage on Cowboys.
This is the circle map we created while brainstorming and 
writing adjectives to describe cowboys.  
We labeled a cowboy and cowgirl in whole group while students 
completed a bubble map listing cowboys clothing.
Then, they labeled their own picture. 
In Work on Writing one of the activities this week was to create a poem for a cowboy and cowgirl.
Around the room is always a classroom favorite to build student vocabulary.
Students unscrambled sight words and dabbed it on their 
sight word cowboy hat recording sheet.   
They worked hard finding the pronoun that takes the place of the noun(s) and writing their own sentence with that pronoun.
Every cowboy loves eating beans so I had to bring some out 
for math stations this week.
Every cowboy and cowgirl needs a pair of boots, so we went
shopping for cowboy boots!
Another math station where they had to figure out which 
<,>,= symbol made sense.
You can grab this FREEBIE from my unit by clicking the picture below.
Unfortunately, for the Rodeo a winter storm hit our area so we will be out of school tomorrow for our field trip.  
Here are a few pictures from last year.
You can check this Wild West Unit in my TPT store by 
clicking the cover below.


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