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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

16 Organizational Tips

Organization has to be one of my most favorite things!  I am constantly looking on Pinterest for more organizational tips.  
Here are a few of my favorite for an organized classroom.
Writing station:  I love the display Mel-D-Seusstastic has for the different writing activities for Work on Writing.  I organized the different actives in a mailbox I found at a retired teachers yard sale.  I painted it blue to match my classroom.
Thirty one bag:  This utility tote holds everything! I love having everything in one place. I purchased a medium size open-Top File Box at the container store to store my files.  
Drawer Labels:  These have made my life so much easier!  I store the following weeks activities in the Morning Work, CC HW, Fluency bins.
Math Bin Labels.  I found these when I first started teaching. 
These bins are perfect for storing math and literacy stations.  As a special education teacher I have two groups, on different grade levels for stations.  In math writing each bin has a math prompt and activity for when they finish the prompt.
I really love this Five-Up Organizer found at Really Good Stuff.  It's a great visual for when my students return papers and materials by subject area.  
Have to LOVE these clear bins.  I bought most of these Storage Bins at Really Good Stuff , but later found some at the Dollar Tree. I was so was excited I grabbed  them all!  I store all my math and literacy activities that I have bought on TPT and created.  Some bins have different colored stickers.  Since I teach SPED and have different grade levels those bins have a full bin of one grade level.  Each envelope has a sticker to help differentiate the grade level for each math and literacy activity inside the bin.
By my small group area I keep leveled assessments, fluency, and sight word lists/activities in Open-Tile File Boxes at the Container Store.  
I can't say away from that store!
For the table bins I made a picture so students know what supply goes in each section.  After the first week of school I added numbers, because at the end of the day there wouldn't be any pencils, etc.  So far this system has worked well in class.
My read aloud books are stored in my storage room.  I labeled these boxes the labels from my book bin and basket labels.  You can check out classroom book basket and bin labels by clicking here.

I just love our classroom library.  My students just gravitate to this area in our classroom.  I created labels to go on book bins and baskets and stickers that goes on each book to match the basket label. I organized my classroom library to match our school library by putting the color sticker to correspond with the books reading level.  My students have kept our classroom library so neat this school year! They know exactly where the book goes when switching out.  By corresponding the stickers to the library it has really helped my students choose the right book for them not only in class, but also when checking out books in our school library.   
Corresponding Stickers: Coming Soon to TPT
Editable Teacher Planner:  All my important papers are now easily stored in my teacher planner.  (This year I'm using the Chalkboard planner, you can check out the spine label in the picture above for the thirty-one bag)  My life has been made so much easier having everything in one place.  You can check out my Teacher Planners that are editable to meet your classroom needs by clicking here.    
Daily 5 Folders:  For Daily 5 I have my students store all Word Work activities in the front and Work on Writing activities in the back.  Click here to check out the monthly Work on Writing activities I use in my classroom.  
Each week students have to complete a passage, sort, write sentences for sight words, trash or treasure that covers the phonics pattern for the week before making a Word Work choice. (Stamping, Play-doh, Wikki sticks, etc)
Homework:  Honestly preparing homework for Special Education has to be one of the most challenging task just because it's preparing homework that meets each kids individual needs on different grade levels. But I created a system that has made preparing homework a breeze! In each binder holds fluency passages for each grade level and weekly grade level work.  Students also get a weekly Language skill and Math skill worksheet.  I do homework packets so everything is due on Friday.
As a special education teacher I searched for a visual system for my students to put their work where it can be easily stored at their fingertips.   Then I found these Store More Organizing Chair Pockets last summer on Really Good Stuff this past summer and had to try them out.  So far they seem to be pretty sturdy and I'm really happy with these chair pockets.

The toolkit and drawer labels are not only adorable, but keeps everything in one place without taking up a lot of room.  In the cabinet closest to my desk is considered the teacher's cabinet.  These fit perfectly in the shelf! I found these bright and colorful labels at  Toolbox at Learning in Wonderland. 

So here are a few of my favorite organizational tips. Would love to hear your tips!


  1. One day I'm going to come visit your classroom!!! I love all the organization Lawren! My husband has done a really good job of keeping me away from the container store but I think that time is about to end...I need me some organizational tubs. ;-) You've inspired me!!
    PS I keep hearing about 31 bags...now I need to check them out!

    A Teachable Teacher

    1. Thank you so much Lauren!!! I am addicted to that store! Thankfully ours in in Nashville, otherwise I'd be there everyday. Your husband might need to go with you (or not) on your trip to the container store. ;)

      I have several co-workers that carry one, there are so many cute designs to choose from!!


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