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Friday, October 31, 2014

Spooktacular Five for Friday (Linky Party)

Happy Halloween everyone!  Today I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five For Friday.  This will be a special Spooktacular Halloween Five for Friday!  
Tuesday we had our Book-A-Ween at school, which so happened was our half day of school.  My sweet coworker dressed up as, The Giving Tree.  She made her son's No, David head which is pretty incredible!  I rocked my red school shoes as Pete the Cat.  I found these red shoes all over Pinterest and made them out of construction paper.  After our Book-A-Ween my kiddos made these Pinterest-inspired Frankensteins.  I love how unique each one turned out!
Every fall we have a Special Olympics: Bowling for our students with special needs in our city and county schools.  I am SO proud of my sweet kiddos that participated this year.  I just love seeing everyone come out and play together.  This is my first year having taught kids that are now in middle school.  It was exciting seeing students I had in elementary, now in 6th grade participating as well.   
My kiddos did a candy corn word work activity for their phonics skill a_e.     Also, here are a few Halloween decorations for the classroom this year.  Love the little ghost I found at a retired teachers yard sale!
This month my kiddos have used this packet during Word Work & Work on Writing stations.  It's so easy to stock our Writing stations, just Print and Go! You can click the picture to check out this resource.
I woke up at 5:00 this morning to make mummy dogs for my kiddos! But it was definitely worth getting up early seeing how excited they were when they saw them.  I didn't mention they were turkey dogs. ;) 
Happy Halloween Y'all!!


  1. Too funny about your turkey dogs...if you'd said it, none of the kids would have wanted to eat one! And they probably gobbled these up!

    (My nephew still doesn't know the secret ingredient in his favorite Christmas spritz cookies is almond extract for the same reason. He's even made them with me several times!)

  2. I love your picture of your candy corns and door. It's beautiful!

    The Write Stuff Teaching

  3. I love your Pete the Cat costume! I wish we could dress up at school - I would have loved to do that! I love the idea of book costumes. Our school used to do book character day on Halloween, but now we don't do it. :( I love the mummy dogs and ghost bananas - so cute! Now onto Thanksgiving! Or Christmas.... according to the stores! :)

  4. Loving all your Halloween activities! How fun! Thank you for the kind words on my previous post. I am your newest follower! :)


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